Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Diamond Advanced Motorist

I Past the Diamond Advanced Driving Test in Bangor on the 26/03/2012 with 2 minor faults. Really pleased about passing even though I didn't pass first time; disappointed but you have to remember it is an advanced driving test so the standard of your driving needs to be very high. In order to continue to use the title Diamond Advanced Motorist I have to retake the test every 3 years, which I think is a good idea because it shows a commitment by me to keep my driving up to a high standard. After all if I can’t maintain my own standards how can I expect to teach a learner how to drive? Also as a driving instructor putting yourself through an advanced driving test every 3 years puts you in the shoes of your students when they take their driving test. Under the pressure of a test it’s so easy to make mistakes you would never normally make, that’s just human nature. I have now past 3 advanced driving tests since 2006.

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